It is understood that watermelon originates from the tropical of Africa. As a consequence it’s no wonder that watermelon requires heat as no other vegetable crop. Already wild varieties were used as natural water supply by camel trains thru deserts. Even then people appreciated its refreshing effect and well tasting flesh. By means of breeding over many years taste, sugar content, size etc were improved. But the discovery of seedless watermelon varieties in the 1950s has been by far the biggest innovation in the history of watermelon breeding. Still watermelon is among the top 5 vegetables being produces world-wide in terms of quantity.

agro-TIP runs a very active and creative watermelon breeding program offering both diploid (seeded) and triploid (seedless) watermelon hybrids. Widen and improving the portfolio is not just a slogan but our daily motivation. Selecting the safest place for seed production in terms of disease free areas is crucial in watermelon and of highest priority for agro-TIP.