We process and condition our seeds with modern and advanced technologies. In cooperation with our partners we develop innovative treatments and application technology to react to any customer or market requirement.

We supply all seeds untreated, dust treated or fungicide and/or with insecticide film coating in different colours.

Filmcoating:  Your individual needs can be fulfilled with our technology; a variety of colours and treatments produces seeds that meets your specification:

  • no abrasion
  • no loss of active substance
  • no uncontrolled release of dressing
  • full effectiveness

Pillcoating: New ways in coating seeds as minipill or lightpill – please contact us for more Information!



What is Grafting?

Grafting is another way of overcoming disease problems which causes enormous damages to crops. This method is commonly used in certain areas and countries, especially for fruit crops. We are now offering various choices of rootstock varieties, which are bred or selected.

Grafting is becoming more and more important worldwide. The challenges many growers are facing is that pathogens are becoming more aggressive and more tolerant to available chemicals. At the time permissions of chemicals are fading out, thus threat of pathogens have been risen.

Our mission is to provide our clients with innovative, approved high resistant rootstock varieties as quick as possible, in order to overcome the threat of soil borne pathogen.

Focussing only on resistances, our rootstock breeding program works efficiently. Beyond that, unique features of the grafted variety must be supported rather than suppressed.

Further information is available on your request.



Breeding is the foundation of product success. It requires a lot of patience, care, imagination and attention.

It requires traditional basic know-how together with modern techniques and continuous testing and variety evaluation to discover the very best characteristics of each variety.

BreedingAny new variety must match the current needs and future developments in the food chain and offer added values to growers, industrial processors, seed dealers and the consumers.

All our efforts in product development focus on this aim.

Crops & Innovation

Crops & Innovation

Since agro-TIP is working worldwide in many different markets, the portfolio offers a wide array of varieties.

Responding to diverse and unequal requirements is one of our strengths that makes us proud in a competitive business.

Innovation is the driving force nowadays in vegetable seed business and the subsequent supply chain.

Thinking outside the box and bringing science, consumer needs and market trends together in a breeding project is the way for innovative and marketable vegetable variety.

Do good things and talk about it!